Improving Connecticut's Business Climate

March 28, 2016

Representative Peggy Sayers and her colleagues have been trying to improve Connecticut's business climate to encourage economic growth and job creation. In an op-ed she co-authored with her colleague, Rep. David Baram, Sayers outlines some of the pro-business steps that are being taken.

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State Invests in Stamford's Business and Transportation

March 23, 2016

Today, the State Bond Commission announced its investment of over $35 million in funding and loans for three Stamford businesses and a major local transportation project.

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Budget challenges demand MORE efficiencies

March 14, 2016

I delivered testimony last week in support of a number of bills designed to save taxpayer money for both the state and municipalities by tying town aid to more inter-town cooperation in the delivery of services to local families and businesses.

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Support Grows For Paid Family/Medical Leave

March 11, 2016

Rep. Gentile is among an increasing number of women and key leaders who are supporting an important piece of legislation. SB 221 An Act Concerning Paid Family and Medical Leave will help hard working people. It provides for paid leave during times of illness, birth, adoption and more. Rep. Gentile has signed an open letter urging fellow lawmakers to pass and Governor Malloy to sign this bill.

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