January 17, 2019
Resources Available for Federal Employees
The impact on federal employees from the prolonged government shutdown is increasingly affecting the livelihood of over 1,500 Connecticut residents and their families. READ MORE


January 9, 2019
Opening Day 2019
The Connecticut House of Representatives is now in session. READ MORE


May 9, 2018
Bipartisan Budget Passed
For the second time in just over six months, the General Assembly has approved a bipartisan state budget. READ MORE


April 27, 2018
Dreamers Bill Signed into Law
Senate Bill 4, An Act Assisting Students without Legal Immigration Status with the Cost of College, was previously approved in the Senate and signed into law by the Governor today. READ MORE


April 26, 2018
10 Essential Health Benefits Bill Passes the House
Just before 1 a.m. Thursday morning, the House passed legislation to protect the "10 Essential Health Benefits" in Connecticut health insurance plans. READ MORE


April 19, 2018
Pay Equity and Early Voting Pass the House
The House of Representatives passed two important pieces of legislation today. One that is a first step towards closing the gender pay gap, and the other giving voters increased access to the ballot box. READ MORE


March 21, 2018
House Passes Homecare Workers Contract Amendment
By an overwhelming vote, the legislature has voted to approve a contract that raises wages, increases holiday pay, and provides workers' compensation for thousands of private sector, personal-care assistants who are directly employed by their elderly and disabled clients, but paid through state and federal programs. READ MORE


February 6, 2018
The Democratic Values Agenda
Democrats in the General Assembly today released a joint Democratic Values Agenda for the 2018 legislative session. The ambitious agenda focuses on supporting the middle class and creating economic opportunities for everyone; opening access to education; protecting women’s health care; keeping Connecticut residents healthy; supporting Connecticut’s hospitals; and preserving our democracy. READ MORE


February 5, 2018
A Statement on the Upcoming Session
“It is helpful to know the governor’s budget ideas early. The reality is that starting Wednesday the legislature takes over, and we all know some of those ideas will likely survive and many won’t. I try to be careful not to dismiss any proposals out of hand, as the budget challenges ahead require that all options be considered by all parties as we move forward to build consensus over the next three months.”
- Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington)

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