Common-Sense Legislation For All

March 2, 2017

Calling his legislation a common-sense approach to public safety during a press conference in Stamford, Rep. William Tong discusses the bill he has introduced that requires gun owners to show their gun permit if they’re visibly carrying a firearm in public and a police officer asks to see the permit.

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TRO Bill To Take Effect October 1

September 30, 2016

Beginning October 1st, individuals who have been notified that they are subject to a court-ordered temporary restraining order will no longer be able to possess firearms or ammunition during the days leading up to their hearing.

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Photo from the Stamford Advocate

Community Forum on Gun Violence

September 27, 2016

Yesterday I joined fellow legislators, city officials, and community leaders for a forum on gun violence in Stamford. The meeting was held to brainstorm initiatives to decrease the frequency of shooting incidents.

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Adams Urges Action at Forum on Gun Violence

September 26, 2016

Rep. Terry Adams joined his legislative colleagues representing Stamford in stepping up the fight against a spate of gun-related incidents this year, urging immediate action while suggesting a number of crime-busting strategies of their own.

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