Construction to rebuild Fort Hale Park pier underway

August 22, 2017

New Haven is set to enhance one of its greatest natural assets – the Long Island Sound – by rebuilding its Fort Hale Park pier. The new pier will stretch across 360 feet – 10 feet longer than the former structure – and will be 12 feet wide. The structure will also include a hammerhead walkway, or a “T” shape, that will be 140 feet long and 16 feet wide. The pier is slated to open next spring.

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CT energy industry faces worker shortage

June 20, 2017

With rising national attention on energy efficiency and renewable energy, businesses in Connecticut are seeing increased demand for qualified workers in the energy sector. I will do what I can to ensure all businesses in the state have the talent pipeline needed to thrive and contribute to our economy.

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Moving Connecticut forward

June 8, 2017

As the legislature gets ready to enter a special session, we are tasked with creating a budget by June 30.

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Bridgeport To Become Leader In Renewable Energy

June 6, 2017

Legislation that will pave the way for Bridgeport to become a national model for the reuse of waste heat passed out of the House of Representatives Tuesday in a 100-51 vote. House Bill 6304 seeks to establish a pilot program in Bridgeport to test-drive thermal district heating technology.

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