Barge Mooring Proposal Update

October 11, 2019

Good News on the Weeks Marine Mooring off Greenwich Point! I received word that this agenda item has been pulled from the next Harbor Management Meeting in Stamford. I am hopeful that our efforts will lead to an acceptable alternate siting of the Mooring.

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Barge Mooring Proposal Near Greenwich Point

October 10, 2019

I spoke at a recent meeting of the Stamford Harbor Management Commission on a proposal to establish a commercial “nurse” mooring for barges near Greenwich Point.

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Spanish Licensing Examinations Available

October 3, 2019

Insurance producers now have the option of taking licensing examinations in Spanish. Agentes de seguros ahora tienen la opción de tomar exámenes de licencia en español.

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Napoli Jr. Successful in Opposition to Meals Tax

October 1, 2019

When Rep. Napoli Jr. joined 89 House Democrats that signed a letter sent to Governor Lamont urging him and DRS Commissioner Jackson to reconsider the updated regulations, the administration was quick to respond and resolve the issue.

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