New Haven Schools Are Taking Applications For Head Start, School Readiness Programs

November 15, 2017

Great news! Don’t miss out. NH Public Schools are taking applications for Head Start and School Readiness programs. To schedule an appointment to apply or to obtain more information, just call (203) 946-6950 or (203) 946-8446.

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Great News: Care 4 Kids Reopens

November 9, 2017

Care 4 Kids, the state’s primary child-care support program, has been reopened, and eligible families on the wait list can now begin to enroll.

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New Haven Lawmakers Rip GOP Budget

September 21, 2017

Rep. Toni Walker joined her legislative colleagues who represent New Haven and surrounding towns at a press conference to denounce the Republican state budget. “These are cuts we cannot sustain if we expect Connecticut to thrive,” Rep. Walker said.

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GOP Budget Includes New Tax On Teachers

September 9, 2017

Hidden in the Republican budget is a new, annual tax on all public school teachers. Every teacher must contribute 1% of salary for half of this year, and 2% of all of next year's salary to state general fund! The GOP bill is cleverly worded. The word "teacher" does not appear in the legislation but it clearly pertains to teachers.

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