NRZ Bill Gains Support

February 24, 2017

State Representatives Steve Stafstrom (D-Bridgeport) and Christopher Rosario (D-Bridgeport) are jointly supporting legislation that would increase citizen participation in Neighborhood Revitalization Zone ("NRZ") committees.

HB 5377, “An Act Concerning Neighborhood Revitalization,” has been introduced by Rep. Stafstrom and co-sponsored by Rep. Rosario.

In addition to increasing citizen participation to these revitalization programs, the legislation calls for the municipal committee members to be fully protected if a committee rejects a developer’s plan or if the committee member gets sued while acting in his or her official capacity.

The bill is currently before the legislature’s Planning and Development Committee. Black Rock NRZ President Stephanie Barnes, submitted testimony in favor of the bill and Hollow NRZ President, Sonia Mocrief, is in full support of the proposal as well.

Reps. Stafstrom and Rosario say Bridgeport sponsors several NRZ committees which are comprised of community members who work tirelessly to set neighborhood priorities, devise plans to revitalize the area, and improve quality of life for the City's citizens. These dedicated volunteers should be relieved of unnecessary administrative burdens and be protected by the sponsoring municipality.

They urged members of the Planning and Development Committee to support the bill so the legislation can be fully debated in the General Assembly.