Connecting Next Generation of Innovators With Connecticut Manufacturers Of Today

April 24, 2019

The Student and Manufacturer Connection Fair today at the Capitol, an annual event created by Rep. Liz Linehan, host more than 500 students and dozens of Connecticut companies looking to get them excited about a career in advanced manufacturing.

About 10,000 jobs are expected to be created in high-tech manufacturing in Connecticut in the next few years and the Student and Manufacturer Connection Fair was geared to support the education-to-career pipeline, Linehan said.

Student robotic teams showcased the incredible work being done at the middle and high school levels by young engineers, who are the advanced manufacturers of tomorrow.

The fair was created in response to a local manufacturer in Linehan’s district who said the single best thing she could do to help their business and industry was to get them in front of students to show them what advanced manufacturing has become.

The event provides manufacturers with an opportunity to showcase their work and also give students from the state’s technical and comprehensive high schools, middle schools, other schools and college programs the chance to explore future career paths.