Car Seat Safety Check

September 20, 2017

George and Ayreanna from Wallingford stopped by to have their car seat inspected

Did you know that Connecticut's child car seat laws are changing on October 1st?

Recently I held a car seat safety check with the Cheshire Police Department and AAA. If you have young children, now is the time to make sure your car seats are compliant and safe, and I encourage you to contact the Cheshire PD for a safety check.

The new law increases the age and weight thresholds for car seats and requires that car seats be equipped with five-point harnesses. In line with research that shows rear-facing car seats to be safer for children, children under the age of two or under 30 pounds must be in a rear-facing seat.

See the chart below to find the appropriate seat based on a child's age and weight:

These updates will move Connecticut's standards in line with the most recent research and keep our kids safer.