Affordable in-home child care measure moves forward

May 23, 2019

I am extremely proud to see that a bill I championed through the legislative process to expand the availability of licensed, affordable in-home child care for Connecticut children and families passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support last week.

House Bill 6291 will clarify and enforce local town protections for licensed group and licensed family child care homes, as well as prevent landlords and certain homeowners associations from placing restrictions of the operation of such homes. It also makes it easier for renters to provide home-based care of up to 6 children.

Today, more than ever, home-based entrepreneurs, start child care businesses to support their own families, provide a community service, and contribute to the broader economy. As a result, parents access safe, nurturing care for their children; and children receive the quality early learning experiences that lay the groundwork for success in school and beyond.

In Connecticut, there is an acute lack of quality, affordable child care, especially for families that face the greatest barriers to accessing care, such as families with infants and toddlers, families that work non-traditional hours, and families that lack access to transportation.

Many thanks to my colleagues in the House of Representatives who supported this measure. And I am forever grateful to friends and advocates from All Our Kin, Inc., Jessica Sager, Chief Executive Officer, and Natalie Vieira, Policy Associate for their input and commitment to this important issue. Below is their statement upon passage of the bill:

"All Our Kin is thrilled by the House passage of HB 6291. Time and time again, in our twenty years of experience supporting child care providers in Connecticut, we have seen the impact of housing and zoning barriers on their ability to start and maintain high-quality child care businesses. HB 6291 is an important step towards addressing Connecticut's child care crisis and ensuring that quality, licensed care is available and accessible to all children and families who need it."

I will continue working with senate members to ensure this bill makes it to the finish line.