Protecting Connecticut consumers from FCC's decision to gut net neutrality rules

March 6, 2018

After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to gut net neutrality rules, I co-sponsored Senate Bill 2, "An act concerning internet service providers and net neutrality principles,” which would further protect Connecticut consumers from the agency’s decision.

This bill would require the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to apply net neutrality principles to internet service providers. This legislation would also prohibit internet service providers in Connecticut from slowing down consumer internet speeds, blocking certain websites or imposing prioritization pricing. These principles would be enforced through civil penalties.

The FCC’s decision is a very dangerous rollback of consumer protections, and at the state level we must do what we can to protect our consumers.

During the Obama administration, the FCC voted to adopt strong, open internet rules to ensure that consumers have access to an internet that is fair, open and equally accessible to all. Preserving open internet is good for Connecticut’s businesses, startups, students and consumers. We want to make sure these rules are protected.