Leaders announce Care4Kids Rate Increase

July 17, 2019

I am pleased to have joined the Office of Early Childhood, colleagues and children’s advocates for the announcement of a significant rate increase for the Care 4 Kids program that helps low and moderate income working families in Connecticut afford childcare.

There are at least 18,000 children enrolled in the Care4Kids program and this past session we worked together to secure funding for this vital program.

The rate adjustment, which will start on September 1, will give parents better buying power and access to child care options, will help stabilize child care providers financially and will enhance the ability of child care centers to improve the quality of care.

Connecticut has one of the lowest child care subsidy rates in the country and a 50,000 seat shortage in infant/toddler care; barriers that have made it difficult for parents to access child care options. Now, the rates, which vary across regions and age groups, are being increased at the scale necessary to respond to federal requirements.

This press release from The Office of Early Childhood offers more details on the rates and the program.