“Let the 2020s be a decade of climate action” op-ed published in the Hartford Courant

January 30, 2020


The beginning of the 2020 legislative session marks a moment in time where we can re-evaluate the way we've been tacking the climate crisis. It's a moment in time when we can choose to use some of the successes of the past few years, like investments of wind and solar, as a guide for the next 10.

We need to be united in our approach. I’ve already proposed an important measure to help our municipalities with the resources needed to face the realities of a changing climate, a piece of legislation that you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks. 

Below, you can read the opening to an op-ed I wrote in today's Hartford Courant. In it, I write about a yearslong push to ban fracking waste in Connecticut, the importance of constituent voices on our changing climate and the policies we must commit ourselves to in the 2020s.

Click here or the link at the end of this post to read “Let the 2020s be a decade of climate action” in its entirety.

I recently came across a piece in the MIT Technology Review that named the 2010s as “a lost decade on climate change.” If we continue on as we have, things will be as dire as the science shows us, but I take issue with the notion that all is lost. The existence of climate change is nonnegotiable, but the extent of its damage in our communities is... Click here to read the rest.