Health Care Goals for CT Residents

March 23, 2018

Health care is a right not a privilege. When you or a loved one is ill or injured you should have access to a doctor, medication and treatment. Politicians in Washington are trying to trample on your health care rights and that’s why I’m supporting legislation to secure health benefits for Connecticut residents. My Democratic colleagues and I also want you to pay lower premiums and reduced costs for prescription drugs.

Our health care goals include; preserving key elements of the Affordable Care Act; women’s health care needs; support for local hospitals; and drug abuse programs.

Here are some highlights:

Health care should work for you. It must be accessible and affordable
ACA’s provisions on reproductive rights will be expanded with coverage for contraception to include 12-month prescription coverage and emergency contraception with no co-pay
We want to join other states that – with no out-of-pocket expense -- protect a woman's access to contraception and other preventative health services. ACA has provided no-cost birth control to more than 746,000 women in Connecticut. Our legislation would prevent federal roll backs
Community hospitals are vital health care providers, major employers and bioscience incubators. My colleagues and I support our hospitals and the quality medical care they offer
Like other states, Connecticut is fighting the opioid epidemic. Opioid-related fatalities last year exceeded deaths from car accidents, murders and suicides combined. Our legislation broadens access to drug abuse programs and works with medical professionals and advocates to expand access to treatment

Connecticut has been a leader in providing affordable health care and we should take steps to continue our momentum. I hope you will stand with me in support of these initiatives.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have questions or concerns at 860-240-8585 or by email at Also please like my Facebook page for regular news and updates.