Rep. Sanchez Seeks Access To Child Care And Pay Equity For Pre-school Teachers

March 6, 2019

Children cheer Rep. Sanchez, other legislators at press conference

Rep. Bobby Sanchez, co-chair of the Education Committee, other legislators and education advocates on Wednesday called for passage of legislation that addresses educator pay equity and gives access to early childcare for full-time students who have children and need to work, but can’t afford childcare.

“We need equity and fair wages for pre-school teachers and this legislation would accomplish that this year. This is something I’ve been fighting for over the last five years,” Representative Sanchez said.

“We also must extend the Care4Kids program to include fulltime students with families. This is something that was taken away from the program 10 years ago, and it’s time we put it back so the parents can continue the education and training necessary for obtaining a job. In the end, this will benefit not only the family but also help grow the economy.”

“If a parent needs education and training to find a job and contribute to the economy, but can’t afford childcare and has to stay home, no one benefits,” said Sanchez, whose committee introduced the legislation:

  • SB 934, An Act Expanding Eligibility in the Care4Kids Program to Parents Enrolled in Other Types of Schools
  • SB 935, An Act Requiring the Office of Early Childhood to Develop an Early Childhood Educator Compensation Schedule

“We need to pass these bills. They will help the people most affected and benefit the public and economy as well,” Sanchez said.