Hartford Dentist Pioneer Honored

March 11, 2016

Building on the intellect, hard work, fame and bravery that have been the hallmarks of Connecticut residents for centuries, State Representative Edwin Vargas (D- Hartford) helped unveil a Hartford native, Horace Wells, into the 2016 Connecticut Hall of Fame.

Horace Wells was an American dentist, a pioneer in the use of surgical anesthesia in dentistry. He was born in 1815, in Hartford, Vermont and he set up a practice in Hartford, Connecticut in 1844. The American Dental Association honored Wells posthumously in 1864 as the discoverer of modern anesthesia. He is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford. There is a statue of Horace Wells in Bushnell Park in the city.

“It was a great honor to offer the name of Horace Wells as an inductee into the Connecticut Hall of Fame,” Rep. Vargas said. “It’s important that we honor and remember the people of Connecticut who have contributed to our great history, and in this case, one of our own from Hartford.”

This year marked the eighth year of the Connecticut Hall of Fame event since its creation in 2006.