Promoting a green environment

May 29, 2019

I am pleased that Connecticut is taking important steps with innovative ideas to help us address our environmental and energy challenges.

This week I voted with my colleagues in the House on a comprehensive measure that will lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives that include investments in renewable energy and green technology to help us achieve some of our long term energy goals.

HB 5002, a green economy and environmental protection measure, will lead to the deployment of solar energy in our state and increase green jobs and economic activity.

Additionally, the measure will promote the construction of high performance green state buildings that have reduced emissions and conservative water resource management, as well as promote sustainable and regenerative meter cycles.

We also passed HB 5384, An Act Requiring the Elimination of Single-Use Styrofoam Containers, legislation that will prohibit the use of Styrofoam containers by restaurants and caterers. While convenient and functional, Styrofoam containers have a long shelf life in the environment. It takes hundreds of years for Styrofoam to deteriorate, and when burned, they release toxic chemicals.

Both of these measures await Senate consideration before the regular legislative session ends next week on June 5.