Liquor Bill Signed Into Law

June 5, 2019

Governor Lamont signed legislation this week that makes significant changes to the state’s liquor laws.
Under S.B. 647An Act Streamlining the Liquor Control Act, it will be easier for craft beer, wine and cider businesses to sell their products directly to consumers. 

Some of the provisions that will be effective from July 1st include:

  • An increase in the amount of product certain beer manufacturer permittees may sell for off-premise consumption.
  • Allowing cider manufacturer permittees to sell cider and apple wine for on-premise consumption.
  • Consolidation of four manufacturer beer permits into one.
  • A craft cafe permit allowing manufacturer permittees to, among other things, sell other state-made alcohol for on-premise consumption.
  • Allowing alcoholic liquor permittees to hold both a manufacturer permit and a craft cafe permit or a restaurant permit.

Many of Connecticut’s liquor regulations date to the 1930’s and have been difficult to amend. The new law is pro-business, pro-consumer and pro-Connecticut, paving the way for more jobs and growth of our local and state economies.