Women's History Month

April 1, 2019

March is Women’s History Month, and I decided to celebrate by highlighting an influential woman every day of the month on my Facebook page. Thank you to all of those who offered such great suggestions and helped me to learn more about women throughout history.

If you missed the fun, click any of the links below to learn a bit more about these great women throughout history:

  1. Ella Grasso
  2. Prudence Crandall
  3. Maya Angelou
  4. Sally Ride
  5. Dorothy Hamill
  6. Helen Keller
  7. Annie Lebovitz
  8. Sandra Day O’Connor
  9. Harriett Beecher Stowe
  10. Rosa Parks
  11. Lucille Ball
  12. Bella Azbug
  13. Carole King
  14. Kristen Griest
  15. Princess Diana
  16. Sonia Sotomayor
  17. Billie Jean King
  18. Shirley Chisholm
  19. Rebecca Lobo
  20. Julia Child
  21. Maya Lin
  22. Denise Nappier
  23. Alice Paul
  24. Jane Goodall
  25. Sheryl Sandberg
  26. Joanna Gaines & Martha Stewart
  27. Oprah
  28. Aretha Franklin
  29. Sheena Graham
  30. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  31. My Mom