State Funds $3.9 million project to rebuild tide gates in Cove River

June 4, 2018

The State Bond Commission authorized $3.9 million for new tide gates to replace a deteriorated and failing system located at the mouth of the Cove River. The failing system could be cause for significant flooding and corrosion to the surrounding homes, new high school and roads. This area, with its rich history should be preserved and I am grateful the state prioritized our legislative delegation funding request to get this critical project off the ground!

We held a press conference to announce the funding and discuss project details. Here is a news story from the New Haven Register with more information and please take a moment to watch the video below with more details.

This project is another component of the city’s Coastal Resiliency Plan.Our shoreline is our greatest asset, pride and joy. Proactively improving the functionality through self-regulated tide gates and replacing the pedestrian bridge which has been closed for over 20 years will generate countless safety, environmental and quality of life benefits. I am proud to have worked with my colleagues to secure these funds.

“The tide gate upgrade will increase coastal resiliency, mitigate storm water flooding, and provide multiple environmental and recreational benefits that will last for generations,” Mayor Rossi said. “Residents and visitors will also benefit from the safety of a new footbridge.”

“I appreciate the Bond Commission for recognizing the importance of the city’s tide gates,”

Rep. DiMassa said. “Recent storms highlight the need for a reliable system to protect West Haven neighborhoods from property damage and the potential loss of life. I applaud the Commission for approving this grant and I’m glad to be part of our legislative delegation’s efforts.”

“I am extremely pleased to see that the West Haven House Delegation’s efforts to procure $3.9 million in State funding for the reconstruction of the tidal / flood gates and pedestrian bridge at the Cove River were successful,” said Rep. Ferraro. The soon to be installed self-regulating tidal gate adjustable floating system will allow for sufficient tidal flushing to maintain a healthy salt marsh wetland ecosystem while preventing tidal flooding. This is extremely important given the current $133 million dollar construction project of our new high school directly across the street.”

Long term benefits to the planned upgrades include:

  • mitigation against high-tide and storm-surge flooding, and extending the functionality of the gate into the future as sea levels rise,
  • providing important ecological benefits to the Cove River tidal wetland,
  • allowing access through a new pedestrian bridge connecting the beach/parking area by Sea Bluff Beach to the area of Bradley Point. Built in early 1900s the pedestrian bridge has been closed since the early 80’s.