State and City Leaders Tour APT Foundation

July 13, 2018

Founded in 1970, the APT Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes health and recovery programs for those who live with substance use disorders and or mental illness. Last year they served thousands of individuals throughout their five locations.

The foundation offers a range of critical services including residential treatment, primary care, vocational services, outpatient substance abuse treatment including the use of methadone and suboxone for persons with opioid use disorders, and outpatient psychiatry services.

Mitchell Gallignano, who is a member of the APT executive board said, “This is truly a wonderful organization that really cares about the people that are struggling with addiction. They go above and beyond any other organization that I have ever come across in this area of life. It is my honor and pleasure to serve on a board like this that serves our communities in such a great manner. They do everything to help the afflicted to get better and be a productive citizen in our community.”

Rep. Borer, Vice Chair of the state legislature’s Public Health Committee who has spent a significant amount of work in her first term focused on legislation regarding the prevention and treatment of addiction said, “I was particularly impressed by the commitment of the APT Foundation to ensure their clients’ needs are met in the most respectful and compassionate way. The immediate vibe you get when you walk in the door is one of hope. When individuals are suffering and families are feeling desperate that’s exactly what they need to feel, that both support and services will be readily available to them.”

People seeking treatment for a substance use disorder may walk in to the Access Center, Monday – Friday from 8am to 11am regardless of their ability to pay. All persons are evaluated for treatment on the day they walk-in and are offered treatment immediately as appropriate to their needs. Improving timely access to care is one strategy that APT is using to address the opioid misuse epidemic in CT.

“It was a pleasure to have members of the General Assembly and the City of West Haven here,” said APT Foundation President/CEO, Lynn M. Madden, PhD, MPA. “We very much appreciate their time and their interest in the complex issues of substance use disorders and our collective response to them.”

The APT foundation has an unusual approach in that each site offers a ‘menu’ of group options each day. Once a person is enrolled in treatment at APT, they are encouraged to choose which groups they attend, and how many they attend each week, allowing each person to create their own treatment pathway. Of course they also meet regularly with counselors to review their concerns and progress and to update their treatment plan.

To learn more about the APT Foundation and their locations visit: