School Safety

October 23, 2018

Our students should focus on education - free from fear of violence in the schools

As we settle into the new school year, I have been hearing from concerned parents about the state of safety in our schools. With that in mind, I would like to share an update about school security and some of the work we have been doing.

Back in May, I joined a number of legislators in forming a School Security Working Group to continually evaluate legislation that protects our children. Our main goal is to determine what needs updating as well as whether funding is being used most effectively.

We spent the first few months gathering information from many different experts including police chiefs, homeland security, superintendents, school nurses, and many others. I also met with members of our local Board of Education to exchange ideas that could be useful to the panel’s goals.

As mental health is at the core of much of the violence, we are also evaluating related areas of concern such as how to identify and report when someone is at risk, how sufficient is the mental health support for our students and more.

With Rosemary Russo, Chairman of Board of Education discussing school security

Through this process, I will be better informed, educated and equipped as I work with colleagues to shape new legislation that will help keep our schools as safe as they should always be.

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns on my cell at 203-887-6359, or my office at 800-842-8267, by email at, or my Facebook page for updates.