Progress on Key Legislation

April 27, 2018

We’ve been busy in the House of Representatives working around the clock on legislation and while there are so many great bills, there are three that I voted on with my colleagues and that I want to highlight as they are starting to receive national attention.

  1. Electing the President by the national popular vote (NPV) took a step forward with House passage of House Bill 5421 that will allow Connecticut to join 11 other states in the NPV compact. Once the number of states that join have a cumulative 270 electoral votes, the president of the United States will be elected by the NPV – this measure now goes to the Senate for approval.
  2. Last night, after 7-hour long House floor debate, we finally passed Senate Bill 4, commonly referred to as the Dreamer bill, giving students access to a pool of money that they have already paid into. The measure, already passed by the Senate in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, now goes to the governor. It extends eligibility for the aid to these students, to the extent allowed by federal law, if they meet certain residency, age and criminal history requirements.
  3. The House also approved House Bill 5210 that calls for the 10 essential health benefits introduced under the Affordable Care Act to be codified into Connecticut law and that they remain in place regardless of what happens in Washington. These include Ambulatory patient services, Emergency services, Hospitalization, Maternity and newborn care, Mental health and substance abuse services, Prescription drugs, Rehabilitative services, employees and devices, Laboratory services, Preventative services and chronic disease management, Pediatric services including oral and vision care. Additionally, the bill includes access to contraception and allows doctors to prescribe a 12 month contraception supply. This bill will also head over to the Senate for consideration.

Thank you to those that hung in there and debated for over 7 hours to get this work done!

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