Funding awarded to reconstruct Elm Street

September 21, 2018

I just wanted to share this exciting information, if you didn’t catch it in the news or on Facebook/social media.

Our state legislative delegation and the Mayor announced state funds approved at the Connecticut State Bond Commission’s special meeting for the reconstruction of Elm Street, which is the entrance to the future site of The Haven.

A $5 million state grant was allocated to the City of West Haven through the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Urban Action Grant Program.

The Elm Street reconstruction includes widening of the main corridor and replacing traffic signals, paving, and streetscape, located near the entrance of the project. After a major traffic study, the funds were awarded to address the traffic flow.

I am thankful to all involved for recognizing the great potential we have in West Haven. The Elm Street project is not just about building and improving the gateway to the Haven, this project is about the gateway to our City.

Changing our image when you come over the Kimberly Avenue Bridge is long overdue. Widening Elm Street, putting in appropriate lanes and traffic signals, and paving will all have a significant impact not only on functionality, but will kick off a change in the image. It will also be more attractive to future developers throughout West Haven.

Below is the live video from my Facebook page.

And here is a link to the New Haven Register article about our announcement. Thank you!

Press Release: Borer Elm Street Reconstruction Funds