BlingO Fundraiser for victims of Domestic & Sexual Abuse

October 2, 2017

I teamed up with the West Haven Elks and, with the support of local residents, hosted a fundraising BlingO night – a fun event with a new twist on BINGO, to benefit women and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes and seek service through Family Centered Services of CT.

In addition to the lead sponsors UNH and AGL, the thousands of dollars were raised by women coming forward dolled in their “bling” all showing support for other women in need.

Cheryl Burack, Executive Director of FCS said, “The agency serves almost 800 survivors per year, many of whom have children. Intimate partner violence does not just affect the two people involved-it may impact the safety, developmental growth and well-being of their children.”

Press Release: BlingO Fundraiser for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Abuse