Connecticut Budget Includes Net Increase in Funding for Bethel's Educational Priorities

June 4, 2019

The state budget approved last night provides a net increase in funding for Bethel’s education system. The new budget includes more than $89,000 additional funding for Bethel’s schools and a $126,000 expenditure increase for Bethel’s Teacher Retirement Fund, an expense that was previously stated to be absorbed by the town.

Since being elected last year, my priority has been to ensure that the towns I represent – Bethel, Danbury, Newtown, and Redding get their fair share of resources that they contribute to the state. I am pleased to have been able to bring a net increase in funding to Bethel. While there are certain aspects of the budget that I feel could have been better, I am gratified to have been a voice at the table to speak on behalf of our 2nd District families and residents.

In addition, the budget includes a $33,000 budget line item for the Bethel Youth Booster Club, an organization created to support after school programs for Bethel youth.

Matthew Knickerbocker, First Selectman said “I am very grateful for Representative Allie-Brennan’s dedication and hard work on this budget. It is essential that we find ways to minimize the impact of increased property taxes on local homeowners, and this budget helps achieve that goal.”

I proposed legislation to eliminate the $250 Business Entity Tax was included as a provision in the approved budget. I also pledged to fight the reduction of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit from 70% to 50% in this year’s budget and despite the strong opposition, the passed budget reflects this reduction.

The R&D tax credit is very important to local biopharmaceutical businesses that employ thousands of Connecticut residents. At a time when we are trying to encourage more growth in our bioscience industry, this refutation is disappointing. Addressing this issue will be one of my top priorities for next session.

"We want to thank Representative Allie-Brennan and the Bethel delegation for their support and commitment to funding public education in the state of Connecticut," said Christine Carver, Superintendent of Schools. 

The 2019 Legislative Session ends on June 5.