9th District Advisory Committee

9th District Advisory Committee Logo

I am seeking residents of the 9th Assembly District to serve on a newly formed committee that will advise and provide feedback on issues that are being debated at the state capitol. Members of the committee will engage their neighbors and friends on proposed legislation and share that feedback with the committee. Member participation on the committee will shape decisions impacting Manchester, East Hartford and the State of Connecticut.

As issues arise at the Capitol, I will turn to this group for their honest feedback and insights. This is an opportunity to ensure the voices of East Hartford and Manchester residents are heard throughout the legislative process.

Members of the Advisory Committee:

  1. Will learn how to track legislation
  2. Will review legislation and share their perspectives
  3. Will be provided an overview of the legislative and state budget processes
  4. Will gain a better understanding of state government

We are seeking 16 individuals to serve on the committee:

  • 4 individuals who are registered as Unaffiliated voters
  • 4 individuals who are registered as Republican voters
  • 4 individuals who are registered as Democratic voters
  • 4 individuals who are registered in other parties.

I am seeking individuals from all walks of life so that the committee includes the diversity of opinion, perspective and experiences that reflects the communities we live in. This will be a pilot initiative and at the outset the committee will meet bi-monthly to develop review and discuss the burning issues of the day.

Individuals who are interested in applying to serve on the Advisory Committee can complete the form below: