Veto update

October 3, 2017

Last week Governor Malloy vetoed the budget that narrowly passed in the state Senate and House of Representatives on Sept. 16. Republicans are now pushing for a veto override.

I voted against this budget because it moved Connecticut in the wrong direction.

My primary objection to the recently vetoed budget is that it "balances" the budget by underfunding our pension obligations. This budget uses assumed savings ten years from now to justify reducing our pension payments by over $300 million. Past underfunding of pension obligations is the reason we face the staggering deficit we have today, and I can't support continuing down this road.

This proposal also calls for increasing teachers' pension contributions by 2% and putting that money into the General Fund, not toward our pension liability. Taking money directly from teachers' salaries and counting it as revenue is a tax, plain and simple.

I am extremely disappointed in the continued finger pointing and political posturing. There are many aspects that the four caucuses agree on yet we have been unable to move forward because of refusals to compromise. Our focus needs to be on bipartisan negotiations. Now that this proposal has been vetoed, we must adopt a budget that puts our state on a true path to fiscal stability.