Budget Update

October 3, 2017

Thank you to all my constituents who were watching and communicating with me into the early hours on last week’s budget session. Although I was strongly considering a no vote on the Democrats proposal, I found after going through the 1000pg. budget put forth by the Republicans that there were things I could not support in that proposal as well, including deep cuts to UConn, and care for children with developmental delays.

I decided that a combined budget would better serve CT and that goal could be best achieved through a bi-partisan compromise committee rather than the veto process which will only increase party tensions.

This is not my first rodeo and I can tell you there will be heavy negotiations.

I know we are all very concerned about ECS but making up that deficit by zeroing out our MRSA funds is just as hurtful to our community. Through negotiations I was able, in the Democrats budget to mitigate the zeroing out of the ECS, which is the most vulnerable grant due to continuing court issues.

It's a long race, so rest assured there is more here than meets the eye.

Again I am so glad that that we can have these conversations!