Police Chiefs Back Show Gun-Permit Bill

March 7, 2017

Rep. Tong with other legislators and police chiefs at a press conference in Hartford

HB 6200, An Act Concerning The Presentation Of A Permit To Carry A Pistol Or Revolver, would require individuals who openly carry a firearm in public to show their permit upon the request of an officer.

Under current law an officer cannot require a gun owner to show a permit unless there is a probable suspicion or reason to believe that a crime will be committed.

Legislators and police chiefs at the press conference cited the need for the legislation after many incidents in the past few years where gun owners openly carried their firearms in public and challenged police, who were suspicious of their intent, on the letter of the law.

The legislators said the bill is a common-sense approach to safety, considering the widespread gun violence in society. Challenging police on a person’s right to carry a firearm in public is a good way to get shot, the legislators said.