White House Conversation on Non-Compete Clauses

October 26, 2016

The White House asked me to participate in a conversation on the detrimental impact of non-compete contract language as we pursue policies to grow jobs and the economy.

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Tong Hails Henkel Corp. Move to Stamford

October 6, 2016

Representative William Tong applauds the decision of Germany-based Henkel Corp. to relocate its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care headquarters across the country from Arizona to Stamford where the company plans on expanding in a $50 million project that will create up to 266 new jobs in the state.

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Sikorsky Investment Is a Great Deal

September 30, 2016

House lawmakers overwhelmingly approve to invest in Sikorsky Aircraft.

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Scanlon Supports Sikorsky Legislation

September 28, 2016

Rep. Sean Scanlon (D-Guilford) voted to support legislation that will keep Sikorsky, a major aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, headquartered in Connecticut until 2032.

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