Legislature approves changes to Renters' Rebate Program and hospital tax

November 17, 2017

Following the legislature’s approval of technical revisions to the bipartisan budget passed last month, older and disabled renters are slated to receive their state refund checks under the Connecticut Renters’ Rebate Program.

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Quality child care for working families

November 15, 2017

Connecticut families, currently on the wait-list, can start enrolling in the Care 4 Kids program, the state’s primary child care support program. Care 4 Kids helps low- to moderate-income families in Connecticut pay for child-care costs.

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Fighting to protect the Citizens' Election Program

October 11, 2017

The Citizens' Election Program was implemented to control special interest money and give more people the opportunity to run for elected office. While some legislators are seeking to repeal it under recent budget proposals, state Rep. Robyn Porter said the CEP should remain intact to keep big special interest money out of Connecticut's elections.

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Republican budget would have devastating effects on New Haven and Hamden

September 20, 2017

If the Republican budget that was narrowly passed in the state Senate and House of Representatives Sept. 16 is adopted, it would have devastating effects on New Haven and Hamden. The Republicans’ two-year $40.68 billion spending package decreases funding to municipalities that need it most and increases aid to affluent suburban towns.

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