Scanlon Hails Bipartisan Budget Passage And Total Victory For Guilford, Branford

May 10, 2018

Rep. Sean Scanlon joined colleagues from both parties in passing a bipartisan budget for the second consecutive year.

“The only thing better than the fact that we were able to come together as Democrats and Republicans to once again pass a compromise budget is that the budget itself is a total win for Guilford and Branford in terms of increased education funding, restoration of health care for seniors and a reversal of cuts to Shore Line East,” said Scanlon.

Under the newly-passed budget, Guilford will receive $41,914 in additional aid and Branford will receive $203,549. Scanlon said that, as in past years, fighting for increased aid and to stop large cuts to local schools was his biggest budget priority.

“In the last two years initial budget proposals have had our towns losing upwards of $3 million each and I’m proud to have fought tirelessly to stop those cuts and now to deliver new additional funding for our schools,” said Scanlon.

In addition to new education funding, the budget also includes funding for our citizens most in need including a restoration of the Medicare Savings Program which helps low-income seniors and the disabled patients cover premiums and drug costs. The budget also includes $5 million for emergency residential placements for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The budget also halts the cancellation of weekend and off-peak service on Shore Line East. When these cuts were announced in January, Scanlon organized a bipartisan group of elected officials to oppose the cuts and has been fighting to reverse them ever since.

“Shore Line East is a tremendous asset for our region and for local economic development and I’m so glad we were able to stop these disastrous and short-sighted cuts before they took effect on July 1,” said Scanlon.

The budget was also passed by the Senate and now goes to the governor’s desk.