Restoring trust in law enforcement

June 2, 2017

A measure that will allow cities and towns to tap into a $9 million reserve of state funding to purchase body cameras and dashboard cameras for police cruisers passed the House of Representatives and is heading to the Senate floor for consideration. 

House Bill 7308 would establish a task force to review the use of police body cameras and expands access to funding for its purchase. Additionally, it will allow the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) to administer an available grant program to reimburse municipalities for costs associated with purchasing equipment.

Body cameras can become an essential tool towards more transparency as we grapple with restoring trust between police and the public. For many local police departments, body and dashboard cameras have proven to be essential devices that protect citizens from police misconduct and enable officers to do their jobs more safely. 

Recordings will not help resolve all cases, but will help shed light into investigations. It is a win-win for police enforcement and the public.