State Budget Approved and Signed!

November 2, 2017

Following months of negotiations, we finally have a state budget which ends the stalemate and removes the uncertainty that not having a budget has created for our municipalities, businesses and social service providers.

This two-year state budget:

  • Reinstates funding to our state and local independent colleges;
  • Invests in our tech schools and workforce development programs;
  • Protects many of the social service and youth services programs our residents rely on, including Care4Kids and DDS funding;
  • Implements spending and bonding caps to help reduce our long-term debt;
  • Creates a process for distressed municipalities to apply for increased funding and assistance in restructuring debt with more state oversight;
  • Rejects Gov. Malloy’s plan to burden local town and education budgets with state pension obligations;
  • Saves Citizens Election Program to keep special interests out of state elections.

This was a tough budget that is far from perfect as it includes some significant and potentially painful cuts to many important state programs and services. Given the political makeup of our legislature, we had to fight hard to ensure that deeper cuts were not made.

Education Funding Update & Reform:

My number one priority has always been to ensure that districts like New London are not underfunded and getting their fair share. I fought hard during this session to ensure our voices in New London were heard. Those changes to education funding will be happening!

We now focus on the next priorities to move New London and our state forward. 

For a more detailed explanation of the budget, see the non-partisan budget analysis or the full budget document itself.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions about the budget and its impact on our district.

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