Lesser Calls For Ban On Gun Bump Stocks

October 4, 2017

Rep. Matthew Lesser is urging his colleagues in the Connecticut General Assembly to plug a big loophole in gun-control laws and ban so-called bump stocks, which turn semiautomatic guns into automatic killing machines. Bump stocks were used in the Las Vegas massacre.

“Obviously we need to plug this loophole. We saw firsthand in Las Vegas the great threat that [a bump stock] poses and we need to move quickly,” state Rep. Matt Lesser told NBC Connecticut.

Bump stock kits are legal and typically cost a few hundred dollars. Some lawmakers are already saying they need to take a second look at the law following the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

“We need to broaden this to make sure it’s covered,” Lesser said.

Nearly two dozen guns were recovered in Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's hotel room and officials said they also found a pair of bump stocks.

"To convert a legal semi-automatic into a weapon that sort of behaves like an automatic rifle," Lesser said.

They're legal across the country as long as the firearms they're attached to are legal.

See this NBC Connecticut news story on the issue.