Regulate Insurer Acquisition of Physician Practices

March 1, 2015

Rep Patricia Dillon testified before the Public Health Committee on proposed bill HB 5323 and called for approval by the Attorney General and Public Health Commissioner of insurer acquisitions of physician practices.

Dillon proposed the legislation out of concern that changes in the health landscape may result in loss of access and higher insurance premiums for consumers.

The effect of this legislation would be to evaluate potential anticompetitive behavior by any parties in the health sector, not just hospitals.. To this point, advocates and the Attorney General’s office have targeted only hospitals, and in particular have criticized Yale New Haven Hospital more than any other.

Dillon has authored major health legislation, notably PA 97-188, requiring approval of the Attorney General and Office of Health Care Access in the Public Health department for acquisition or merger with a nonprofit hospital.

Dillon served on the Bipartisan Roundtable on Hospitals.