Informational Forum on Human Trafficking

March 31, 2016

Today I spoke at a press conference and informational forum on how to address human trafficking in Connecticut. The forum was held by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, along with the Judiciary, Public Safety and Security, and Children's Committees. The topic was “Why No Convictions for Trafficking in Persons?”

Connecticut created a felony charge for human trafficking a decade ago, yet since it was enacted in 2006 there have been only 10 arrests and no convictions. It's clear that we need to do more; 400 victims of human trafficking have been referred to the Department of Children and Family Services since the law was enacted. The forum was held to discuss the lack of convictions and propose legislative and policy changes to encourage prosecution.

Today's forum fostered a productive discussion, and I will continue to work to encourage the prosecution of human trafficking. You can learn more about this issue here.

Press Release: Rep. Diana Urban Supports Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking