Judiciary OKs Tong Bill Protecting Children

March 28, 2016

The Judiciary Committee approved a bill Monday created to ensure that local and regional boards of education have information concerning whether an applicant has been found to have committed abuse or sexual misconduct and that local and regional boards of education share findings with other boards of education who may otherwise unknowingly hire a sex offender.

“There have been incidents in this state where teachers have been accused and sometimes found guilty of sexual misconduct and child abuse involving their students,” Tong said. “Unfortunately, there has been a practice among school districts, whether intentional or not, where one teacher who is suspected of wrongdoing or is (doing wrong) in one district has then moved on to another school district, and sometimes the receiving school district doesn’t have the information that it needs before hiring that teacher. We want to stop that practice.”

If approved by the House and Senate and signed into law, Connecticut would join Pennsylvania, Missouri and Oregon as the only states to require boards of education to share information on sexual abusers.

“Our schools must be safe for students, and this legislation helps to ensure that,” Rep. Tong, co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, said. “Providing boards of education with all the information they need to make informed decisions in hiring is common-sense policy.”