Trinity Health New England 61 Day Challenge

October 25, 2018

Access Health CT (AHCT) has announced that customers will receive their annual renewal notice in the mail between Oct. 24 and Oct. 27 and that it’s important for people to review the notice carefully to make sure they understand what their next steps are to stay covered with the best option for 2019.

Numerous plan changes have been made for 2019, making it more important for people to read the notice, and shop and compare plans starting on Nov. 1.

According to AHCT, people who receive a notice saying they are eligible to be automatically enrolled for 2019 still have choices and can pick a different plan. Customers could pay more in 2019 for a couple of reasons.

In 2018, they may have chosen a plan that was the lowest one in a metal tier -Bronze, Silver or Gold. In 2019, this plan may no longer be the lowest cost plan in this tier, and as a result, the monthly payment could be higher. Or, if they had changes in their family, where they live, their age or income.

People could also get a notice saying they are not eligible to be automatically enrolled, in which case they need to take action and pick a plan during open enrollment, between November 1 and December 15 in order to have coverage for 2019.

Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a necessity. I encourage you to make sure you are finding the best possible option and along with making healthy lifestyle choices.

For my own health, I will be participating in the Trinity Health's New England 61 Day Challenge kicking off on Oct. 31. Trinity Health is challenging us to give up sodas, sweets, and cigarettes for 61 days. This health initiative includes education about healthy eating, physical activity, and positive behavioral changes. Click here to learn more about this great initiative!

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