Hope for Success: Employment Opportunities for the Reentry Community

February 1, 2018

Today I held a panel discussion with the Commission on Equity and Opportunity to reveal several reentry recommendations at his roundtable today that focused on helping the formerly incarcerated population integrate back into society.

The recommendations are based off of a study performed by the Commission on Equity and Opportunity entitled, “Hope For Success.” The study was made possible by McGee’s hard work in the legislature last year and the passage of his bill, HB 6219, An Act Concerning Community Reentry By Persons Who Were Incarcerated.

Everyone deserves a second chance.I championed for the passage of HB 6219 because I strongly believe that we need to do more to reduce recidivism in our communities. In order to do that, we need to provide this population with the necessary tools and resources so that they can make a smooth transition and become productive and successful members of society.

To view the whole report and review the recommendations, click here. Or watch the roundtable here: