Protecting Women's Health

January 27, 2017

Rep. Luxenberg, along with representatives Christine Conley, Liz Linehan, Robyn Porter, Caroline Simmons and Senator Mae Flexer, introduced a package of five bills today to protect and expand women’s access to healthcare. The package serves as an agenda for protecting women’s health rights in Connecticut.

The five health proposals are:

  • Preserving constitutional rights to healthcare against federal threats and to codify the principles of the Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellersted

  • Preserving requirements in the Affordable Care Act requiring no cost-sharing for women’s preventative services, and to further improve contraceptive access (LCO 2981);

  • Preserving requirements in the Affordable Care Act requiring that nursing mothers be provided with a breast pump, and to improve protections for nursing mothers in the workplace (LCO 2977);

  • Improving current workplace protections for pregnant women (LCO 2972);

  • Ensuring that individuals seeking time-sensitive healthcare related to pregnancy and contraception do not face delays caused by false advertising from organizations with no medical licenses (SB 449)

“Healthcare is a fundamental human right, not a privilege,” Rep. Luxenberg said. “These five bills will ensure that women receive the care they need to live a healthy lifestyle and additionally, stay in charge of their body. I am ready to defend and expand those rights regardless of what happens on the national level under Trump’s presidency. I will fight on behalf of the women in my district and in Connecticut to ensure their healthcare remains protected.”

Press Release: Protecting Women's Health