$200,000 Grant For Middletown Brownfields

February 14, 2017

“I'm happy to support this move to help investigate potential contamination on Newfield Street and Mile Lane. Cleaning up brownfields is a critical priority for Middletown and the state as a whole,” Representative Lesser said after Governor Malloy announced that a $200,000 grant has been awarded for remediation of brownfields in Middletown.

The funding for Middletown is among $6.9 million in state grants being awarded to 14 towns and cities to assess, remediate and revitalize brownfields across the state. The projects comprise 424 acres of redevelopment as part of the administration’s ongoing, unprecedented efforts to restore and put blighted properties back into productive use.

“Investing in the remediation of blighted properties and putting them back into productive use ultimately becomes an economic win for our communities,” Governor Malloy said. “When we clean up these sites and repurpose them, we can turn what was once an eyesore into a community asset that can help revitalize a neighborhood and spark economic growth.”

“The State of Connecticut continues to be a national leader in brownfield redevelopment. Through the governor’s leadership, we have invested in 2,240 acres across the state over the last six years and will continue to work with our cities and towns to help redevelop these dormant properties,” DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith said. “For every dollar the state invests, $5.55 has been or will be invested by non-state partners.”

For more information about DECD’s brownfield redevelopment programs, visit www.ctbrownfields.gov.