Fox Leads Approval Of Early Voting In CT

April 19, 2018

Rep. Dan Fox led the House Thursday in the discussion and bipartisan adoption of a resolution that would amend the state’s constitution to allow a system of early voting during elections.

“The current system is unworkable for many people who have to work two jobs while caring for their families and the ability to vote early will help increase participation in elections – the keystone of our democracy,” said Fox, House chairman of the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee, said. “Many states across the country already have early voting and Connecticut is not by any means breaking new ground.”

Adopted by an 81-65 vote, House Joint Resolution 28, Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment to Permit Early Voting, now goes to the Senate. If approved, the resolution must be adopted again next year by both chambers of the General Assembly. It would then be placed on the ballot for the 2020 general election. If a majority of voters approve, early voting then would become part of the state constitution and implemented.