Bipartisan Budget Approved

October 16, 2017

This afternoon, a bipartisan state budget ending Connecticut's fiscal crisis and restoring millions of dollars of cuts for Groton and New London, passed the House in a 126 to 23 vote.

This budget is a true compromise between Democrats and Republicans. In previously proposed budgets, the cuts to Groton and New London were devastating. Local and higher education schools wouldn’t be able to ensure their commitment to their students, towns would lose their ability to function, and job creation efforts would be hindered. But this bipartisan budget restores the millions in potential cuts to Groton and New London without raising income tax rates, sales tax rates, or business tax rates, and additionally invests in our economy to move Connecticut forward.

I also want to note that this bipartisan budget emphasizes protecting local and higher education systems.

I was deeply concerned about the cuts Uconn Avery Point was facing under previously proposed budgets as the satellite campus plays an important role in the 41st District. I am pleased that this bipartisan budget protects Avery Point, restores funding for scholarships for low-and middle-income students such as the Roberta Willis Scholarship program, and additionally maintains a strong level of local education funding to ensure that our schools remain the best in the nation.

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Press Release: Bipartisan Budget