Reps Conley, de la Cruz Hail Massive Education Funding Grant of $600K for Groton Schools for FYs '20, '21

December 19, 2019

State Representatives Christine Conley (D-Groton/Ledyard) and Joe de la Cruz (D-New London/Groton) are praising the announcement of $600,000 in grant money to be awarded to Groton schools. 

The Office of Policy and Management's Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) approved the funding for the town during their meeting this afternoon. The grant will be delivered over the course of fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

"This is incredible news for the families of Groton, " says Rep. Conley. "Investing in education is one of the most important ways we can make a difference. As a state-designated Alliance District, our town will greatly benefit from these additional resources. I look forward to seeing this improve outcomes in the years to come."

"The approval of this grant money will have a tangible impact on our neighbors, " says Rep. de la Cruz. "I'm grateful to OPM for focusing resources in our community."

Alliance District towns are 33 target municipalities in Connecticut that the state has focused on to increase student outcomes and close achievement gaps. Groton is one of such Alliance District towns that did not receive any additional supports during the phase-in of the state's Education Cost Sharing (ECS) program back in 2012.