Opening Day 2019

January 9, 2019

State Representative Christine Conley took the oath of office today at the State Capitol, two months after voters chose her to – again – be their Representative from Groton and Ledyard.

“I am honored to be back in the legislature serving the people of this district,” said Conley. “Now that the session is under way, I am anxious to continue advocating for thoughtful and reasonable legislation that will lift people’s lives. I will remain focused on issues such as health care, legal sports betting, raising the minimum wage, justice for all, funding for education, transportation and matters pertaining to social services for the disadvantaged and less fortunate.”

Rep. Conley’s committee assignments include Judiciary, Transportation and Planning & Development. “My experience with these key legislative committees has prepared me for the hard work we will face in this legislature and I am confident we will put forth meaningful bills for the benefit of all.”

In addition to her committees, Rep. Conley has been tapped as Assistant Majority Whip. “I want to thank House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz for his continued support,” said Conley.