Banning Toxic Flame Retardants

April 7, 2016
Rep. Diana Urban with future firefighters

Rep. Urban has some fun with future firefighters at a press conference to ban flame retardants from children's products

Yesterday I held a press conference on legislation to ban flame retardants in children's products with my Co-Chair on the Children's Committee, Sen. Bartolomeo. HB 5299, An Act Concerning Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals in Children’s Products and Upholstered Residential Furniture, would ban the sale of children’s products containing certain toxic flame retardant chemicals.

Flame retardants offer the worst of two worlds: They don't make fires easier to fight and they are carcinogenic as well as endocrine disrupters. We know that researchers are finding metabolites of these toxic chemicals in our children and it is high time we banned them. Our children have the highest risk of exposure because they play on the ground where these toxins exist in house dust, are exposed in utero, and tend to put things in their mouths. Next to children, firefighters have the highest risk of exposure, which many suspect is to blame for the alarmingly high cancer rate among firefighters.

Currently, 13 states are actively considering bans on flame retardants. Minnesota passed a ban just last year, and I hope Connecticut will be next. Check out the video below from the press conference to learn more about this important issue.

Press Release: Rep. Urban, Sen. Bartolomeo Champion Flame Retardants Ban