Rep. Tong Leads Forum On Gun Violence

September 26, 2016

Led by Rep. William Tong, members of Fairfield County’s state delegation host a special Community Action Conference at the Chester Addison Community Center in Stamford. (Photo by Keelin Daly / For Hearst Connecticut Media)

State lawmakers representing Stamford districts stepped up a fight against a spate of gun-related incidents this year, urging immediate action while suggesting a number of crime-busting strategies of their own.

“To confront gun violence in our city, we need to do this together,” State Rep. William Tong said at a forum held Monday at the Chester Addison Community Center.

“I know that the mayor and the chief of police have implemented several important strategies,” he said. “But I think we all can agree that we are part of this, too. The mayor and the chief of police cannot do this alone.”

Tong, chairman of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, organized the meeting to brainstorm initiatives to cut the frequency of shooting incidents. Members of Stamford’s state legislative delegation, city officials, school representatives, law enforcement authorities, and community and clergy leaders participated in the forum.

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