Environmental Champion By CTLCV

October 17, 2017

From leading the charge on extreme weather preparedness following Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy to promoting green jobs to protecting children from harmful chemicals, Rep. Albis has played a major role in fighting for the environment and our families - all with a sharp focus on the economy.

East Haven has an important connection to the environment as a coastal community, with resources such as the Farm River State Park. We need to protect these vital environmental assets. Additionally, we should continue to support programs that assist those in our business community, like Calabro Cheese in East Haven, who have made environmental sustainability part of their business model.

In 2013, Calabro Cheese took advantage of a state program through Energize Connecticut to make energy efficiency upgrades to their manufacturing plant in East Haven, creating both environmental benefits and nearly $100,000 in annual savings for the company. These programs are important to the economic success of our state’s residents and businesses and we must protect them.

I will continue supporting investments in job-creating areas such as renewable energy that have the dual benefit of reducing pollution. We have an opportunity in Connecticut to harness a sector - green energy - that is creating tons of well-paying jobs and is growing at a rate 17% faster than the rest of the economy. We cannot let this opportunity slip by and succumb to our 'Land of Steady Habits’ mentality any longer.

CTLCV’s Environmental Scorecard assesses both lawmakers’ votes on environmental legislation and their roles in championing specific issues. CTLCV Scorecards dating back to 2000 can be found online at www.ctlcv.org.

Press Release: Albis CTLCV